YORKTON -- There’s a new delivery service in Yorkton aimed at supporting local and home-based businesses.

Jessica Cheverie recognized the city needed a delivery service that would help other local businesses, so she started Yorkton Delivery Services.

“When everything came together, I launched it out to the community and the community response was fantastic,” said Cheverie, adding the business started slowly, but has since picked up.

There are a variety of ways for customers to order. The service is available online, through a mobile app and over the phone. 

Unlike other delivery services, Yorkton Delivery is not limited to delivering food.

Cheverie said it is a relationship-based business that focuses on providing assistance to business owners and members of the community.

“Anybody who needs us, that’s what we are here for. We are here to help with either being their main delivery service or help with their overflow,” said Cheverie.

Cheverie said most delivery services take a large portion from restaurants for each delivery order, but Yorkton Delivery Services is different.

“We just charge a delivery fee. That fee is $5.25 and that is charged to the customer,” said Cheverie.

Restaurant owner C.V. Sastri said his partnership with Yorkton Delivery Services has been mutually beneficial.

“We have other delivery apps as well but they take a huge chunk of what we pay for, for the services and they take a commission off. Yorkton Delivery is a local service and they do not take any percentage from us,” said Sastri.

Cheverie said Yorkton Delivery Services hopes to expand, but for now, she is happy to help her community.

“This is my home and my heart is here in my home,” said Cheverie.