After years of anticipation, work is officially underway to backfill the Capital Pointe hole.

Regina’s mayor says he couldn’t be more thrilled to see work finally begin.

“We're finally going to fill the hole in, finally going to get through the process, make that a safe site,” Mayor Michael Fougere said.

Crews will be working at the site during the weekdays over the summer, until the hole is deemed safe.

On Monday, crews were busy removing water from the hole that had pooled at the bottom.

“It's been unsightly, it's actually increasingly unsafe and it really is a plight on the downtown,” Fougere said. “It's a gateway to the downtown and we want to see this thing resolved one way or the other, the best opportunity would've been to build something there, have the hotel and condo combination built.”

Fougere says after a long road of legal battles, council processes and other challenges he's pleased to see it begin.