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'Booked out to the end of 2025': Sask. film industry prepares for busy year


Actors and those wanting to learn more about the movie industry packed a Regina theatre to hear about upcoming opportunities.

“We’re building the industry and we’re really expecting some really great things to happen in 2024,” said Michael McNaughton, CEO of the Saskatchewan Media Production Industry Association (SMPIA)

Installation of a circular “volume” stage at the Regina Soundstage is nearly complete. The stage will be similar to stage in Vancouver – which uses hundreds of LED screens to create a virtual movie set.

“As of right now we have enough projects coming into the province that it’s pretty much booked out to the end of 2025,” said Dante Yore, Chief Technology Officer for Volume Global.

Several recent Saskatchewan productions including “Die Alone” will be on the screen this year.

The provincial government believes people enjoy seeing local people and places in film and TV.

“It makes them so proud to be a part of it and that they can go to the show and they can see places that they know,” said MLA for Regina Wascana Plains Christine Tell.

Saskatoon’s film industry is holding seminars and screenings in Saskatoon and Regina this week.

“Summer at Charlotte’s” was filmed near Regina Beach in 2022. Angie and George Reed had roles in the movie.

“So that particular day they were looking for somebody and I volunteered George and he’s shy so I decided we’ll it’s going to be fun. It was,” Angie told CTV News.

The Government of Saskatchewan has steadily increased film production incentives over the past two years – leading to a total of $12 million budgeted in 2023.

The province says it brings economic benefits and a pride of place that's important for Saskatchewan communities. Top Stories

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