The City of Regina has issued an order for the hole at the Capital Pointe development site to be filled.

A city spokesperson confirmed the news to CTV News on Tuesday afternoon with a written statement.

“Today, the City issued to Westgate Properties Ltd., 1500-1874 Scarth Street, Regina, an Order to Comply to fill the hole at 1971 Albert Street by April 30th.”

The move comes after a deadline set by the city for the developers of the project to state their intentions to continue construction by March 30.

The city also confirmed that the property owners have paid $50,244 in outstanding backtaxes.

In an interview with CTV News on Tuesday morning, a spokesperson from Fortress Real Developments says the company takes issue with the city’s implication that construction has not been proceeding in a timely manner.

“There is nothing wrong on our site, there is absolutely nothing wrong,” Nick Circosta of Fortress Real Developments told CTV News on Tuesday. “Many sites across the country shut down over the winter months. I don’t know of any municipalities in this whole country where they are taking the permit away over reasonable progress. The city was aware the site was not going to proceed during the winter.”

Circosta would not confirm if the company has responded to the city’s timeline.

“They can give us any deadline they want, but we are going in accordance with the Canadian building code.”

Fortress also says the media coverage of the project is preventing them from selling condo units.

The most recent development permit for Capital Pointe was issued by the city last September and goes for two years.