REGINA -- A proposed increase to the mill rate is one of many changes outlined in the City of Regina’s proposed 2020 budget.

The city has proposed a 2.75 per cent increase to the mill rate, plus half a per cent for the Recreation Infrastructure Program. An amount of 0.45 per cent of the mill rate will go toward the new Mosaic Stadium.

This would result in an additional $5.60 per month in city taxes to homeowners with an assessed home value of over $350,000.

The City of Regina has proposed $16 million for water infrastructure renewal, $10 million for wastewater infrastructure renewal, $14 million for drainage improvement projects and $5 million for water meter replacement.

"We need to make investments in critical infrastructure if we don’t make those investments then we risk failure of assets which obviously depending on the asset could pose risk to the community,” City Manager Chris Holden said.

The Mayor of Regina said he would like see the increased to mill rate lower. Michael Fougere said, ideally, he would like to see the mill rate increase by zero per cent, but that’s not realistic.

The mayor said he hopes council and get the increased mill rate below three per cent.

"First and foremost, it's getting the number right,” Mayor of Regina Michael Fougere said. “First and foremost, it’s about listening to what the public has to say because they pay the tax bill. If they are saying to us, and I suspect they will be, we need to do better, we will do better."

Residents can voice their opinions to City Council by submitting a written brief to the Office of the City Clerk by 1 p.m. Dec. 3. Delegations will then present their opinion to council on Dec. 9.

This proposed budget includes a three per cent utility increase, which works out to $49 per year for the average household.