Brad Wall was the first Saskatchewan premier to embrace social media.  He took office as Facebook and Twitter began to take off and his following grew as the platforms gained popularity. 

The often spirited exchanges between the former premier and the public have caught the attention of the Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan.

It preserves the personal papers of all premiers after they leave office and will include Brad Wall's tweets and Facebook posts. 

"We are now moving into a more digital age and in fact we can safely say that pretty much every record that is create both in government and in society at large is primarily going to be a record that's going to be create digitally," Curt Campbell of the Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan said.

Paul Taillon helped run Brad Wall's social media accounts.  

"Brad Wall was somebody who connected very well on social media.  We gave social media a very special place in our social media strategy," Taillon said. 

President Obama's tweets have all been archived with help from Twitter. 

The company is now helping the Saskatchewan government preserve Brad Wall's account.  It could provide a more intimate picture of a politician’s life than letters and documents. 

Rural Health Minister Greg Ottenbreit is one of the most prolific Twitter users in the Saskatchewan cabinet.

"People who don't really know you but feel like they know you because they see of your life unfolding before their eyes, even most recently as last year going through my cancer treatment and surgery," Ottenbreit said.  

Social media accounts that are turned over to archivists are kept forever. 

Based on a report by CTV’s Wayne Mantyka.