A petition is circulating in Moose Jaw asking for the voluntary resignation of city councillor Brian Swanson.

The petition comes after recent sanctions levelled against Swanson and two other councillors.

Jody Chell, who started the petition, says it is designed to give voters a voice after she noticed complaints circulating online. Chell said many Moose Jaw residents were disappointed after Swanson was able to continue to hold his position following the sanctions. As a result of those sanctions, Swanson is barred from gaining direct access to confidential reports. The petition is focused on allegations of Swanson removing confidential files when he was the chair of the downtown facility and fieldhouse.

So far, Chell says the petition has more than 700 signatures. But, there are also people voicing disapproval about the motion and asking why she wants Swanson to resign.

“The City of Moose Jaw came out with a report on September 24 and in that report, it says that the chair of the DFFH brought confidential files home with him in May and didn’t give them back until July,” she told CTV News on Thursday. “That’s what I’m focusing the petition on and that’s what I’m passionate about. As an occupational health and safety consultant, that is a big breach, to have your confidential file out there and not protected. That’s my main focus.”

The city and Swanson both declined CTV's request for a comment.

Chell says she hopes her efforts will bring about change and serve as a social driver on the issue.

With files from CTV Regina's Joey Slattery