1. Holy carp! Hundreds of invasive fish dead in Wascana Lake

Hundreds of common carp lay dead in the lake. According to the Provincial Capital Commission (PCC), this is due to a very cold winter which resulted in lower levels of oxygen in the water.

Holy carp!

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2. Long-time Regina pastor charged with physical and sexual abuse

A long serving Regina pastor has been charged with physical and sexual abuse, according to the Archdiocese of Regina.

Regina pastor charged with sexual assault

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3.  Regina mother speaks out after daughter with autism forced to move schools for a third time

Mandes said she’s losing faith in the education system, as this is the third time she’s been forced to change her daughters school. Her family also suggested getting Sharlize her own one-on-one educational assistant, but she said the school board denied it.

janelle mandes

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4. MacNutt farm still battling illegal flooding eight years later

Farmers in MacNutt has been dealing with illegal flooding from neighbours for eight years, and the farmers, along with the Saskatchewan NDP are putting pressure on the provincial government to step up.

wheat board

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5. Saying goodbye to Willy the Wonder Cow

The owner of the sanctuary said Willy will be missed by the volunteers, the animals, and all those who came to visit.

Willy the wonder cow

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