REGINA -- For the first time in 13 days, Saskatchewan reported more recoveries than new cases on Monday with 14 recoveries compared to just four new cases.

There have been 568 reported cases of COVID-19 in Saskatchewan since the first positive case was announced on March 12, with 363 of those infected recovering and 199 cases still active.

"Even in the far north now, while they have had a significant outbreak, now almost 25 per cent of their initial cases have recovered," said Chief Medical Health Officer Dr. Saqib Shahab.

Determining when someone has recovered from the virus depends on the severity of their symptoms.

For patients with mild symptoms, who are self-isolating at home, Shahab says Public Health will follow up with them.

"After two weeks since the onset of symptoms, if symptoms have settled down for more than 48 hours than they are cleared," he said.

Retesting a patient hasn’t been required in the majority of cases in the province. However, Shahab says it’s a different situation when the case requires hospitalization.

"Additional considerations may apply, including repeating testing, but they’re also, generally, the period of hospitalization may vary and recovery may take a longer period of time," he said.

The first recoveries were reported on March 26. From April 3 to 16, there were just three days without double digit recoveries, however, as the number of cases in the province slowed, so to have the number of recoveries. Saskatchewan has seen double digit recoveries just twice in the past 17 days.