REGINA -- Fans may not immediately recognize the Roughriders long snapper, who has has been with the team for five years.

That’s because no one notices the long snapper unless he messes up, and according to his teammates, Jorgen Hus isn’t one for mistakes.

"It's one of the most underrated positions in all of football, if not the most underrated position,” Riders punter Jon Ryan said of the long snapper.

Besides the quarterback and the centre, Hus touches the ball more than any other player.

The 30-year-old began his career in Regina as a long snapper and linebacker for the Rams, followed by a stint in the NFL where he played with Ryan for the Seattle Seahawks.

While chemistry is important, Hus says the success is in the details.

“You know we got it down to a certain amount of spins so when Jon catches it, the laces are going to be out every single time, that's the goal,” Hus said. “We're probably, you know 90 per cent, but it just comes down to just repping it thousands of times.”

Kicker Brett Lauther remembers when once, out of thousands of attempts, he looked down and saw the white threads.

“Ya, I just told him that he sucked...haha. I actually did,” Lauther said, after recalling the incident.

“Ah we didn't talk a whole lot after that,” Hus joked.

Hus should get some credit for Lauther’s West Division all-star award last season and Ryan’s this year, but there's only one thing he cares about.

“It's been obviously an up and down past five years that I've been with the team and I've gone through a lot and I feel like this team is really deserving,” Hus said.

It’s now up to the team, to snap the six year drought.