REGINA -- A COVID-19 outbreak at the Golden Prairie Home, a long-term care facility in Indian Head, has the Saskatchewan Health Authority working hard to ensure the safety of residents.

The outbreak was declared on Nov. 7. The Saskatchewan Union of Nurses told CTV News on Nov. 9 that more than 19 staff members at the home are self-isolating.

The SHA declined to disclose how many staff have tested positive, but it said there have been multiple residents who have tested positive.

"Anytime we’re dealing with an outbreak, it’s absolutely a concerning situation, so we’re always working hard to ensure that we’re protecting our vulnerable residents and that we’re supporting our staff teams," Jacqui Kennett-Peppler, executive director of Primary Health Care with the SHA, said. "The residents within that nursing home are isolated and being cared for in place," she said.

The facility has been closed to visitors. Extra staff has been brought in from the Wolseley Memorial Integrated Care Centre, as well as home care service staff from around the southeast part of the province.

"We’ve been working to support the team on the front-line and ensure that the health and safety of our residents in that nursing home are being supported," Kennett-Peppler said.

With the facility being shut off from visitors, Kennett-Peppler said the SHA is also working to ensure residents are in contact with family.

"We’re doing our best to make sure we’re connecting with those families regularly so they can feel confident that their family member is still being well cared for," she said.

The Golden Prairie Home is a 38-bed long-term care facility.