REGINA -- Saskatchewan’s premier had a message specifically for the province’s youngest adults, who he believes may be struggling to adhere to public health orders.

Premier Scott Moe spoke directly to Saskatchewan residents under 40 during Tuesday’s COVID-19 update, saying he would get them a vaccine as soon as the government is able.

“In the meantime, I would ask you to please be careful, you need to follow all of the guidelines and public health orders in place and that means not getting together in groups with your friends,” Moe said.

The premier expressed that he understands this is particularly difficult for residents in their 20s, who he said are in a social stage of their lives.

“Please know that it is just going to be a little while longer, and you could lose so much if you contract one of these variants, or pass it along to a friend or family member.”

According to data presented Thursday at the Saskatchewan Health Authority Physician’s Town Hall, patients in local ICUs are “disproportionately young, otherwise healthy people [who are] deteriorating faster.”

A graphic presented during the town hall shows the increase in ICU admissions by age group in Saskatchewan.


Source: Saskatchewan Health Authority.